About Us

Kantipur Media Group

For over a quarter century, Kantipur Media Group has remained an indispensable media house that Nepalis have come to implicitly trust. It disseminates its content to millions of households every day through its print, radio, television and web platforms. Underpinning its enterprise is KMG’s vision of ensuring the people’s right to right information.

The foundation for KMG was laid with the establishment of Kantipur Publications, in 1993, soon after the promulgation of democracy in Nepal. The media house has survived every phase of political turmoil in the country—from the decade-long civil war years and the dissolution of the all-powerful monarchy, to the country’s transitioning to a republic. It is owing to that singular resilience that KMG is today synonymous with the fortitude and strength that Nepalis are endowed with. As a result of its dedication to ethical journalism, KMG stands tall and proud today as the market leader and as the chosen media representative of millions of Nepalis.

Our Journey


Established right after the restoration of democracy, KMG created a sea change in how Nepalis consumed information. We were the first media house to deliver newspapers early in the morning to people’s doorsteps, for example. From day one, we’ve strived to present our audiences with fresh and unbiased perspectives on Nepal’s society, economics and politics.

Before KMG, the only sources of news and information for Nepalis were the state-owned media, and people could not get their hands on the day’s newspapers before noon. It was Kantipur that introduced a culture of reading newspapers along with a cup of morning tea. Saptahik, which focuses on entertainment, was the first tabloid of its kind in the country. Nepal and Nari magazines were also iconic products, with the former focusing on investigative reportage and rigorous analyses of social, political and cultural issues, and the latter focusing on issues pertaining to women.


Radio Kantipur, the country’s first private radio station, and kantipuronline.com, through which KMG started providing its contents online, were both trailblazing products. In addition, Kantipur TV changed the face of television in Nepal, by broadcasting innovative shows, and by providing unmatched value to all the station’s stakeholders.


Over the years, KMG has steadily grown in stature and influence, primarily owing to its credibility. Today, it is regarded as Nepal’s most reliable source of news, views and entertainment, and it has a huge influence on how policy debates are shaped in Nepal and beyond.


Since its early days, KMG has been giving back to society through various initiatives. During times of natural calamities like floods and earthquakes, KMG sets up mechanisms for providing relief and funds to affected Nepalis across the country. In 2014, the Kantipur Foundation was established to handle all such operations. And since 2015, KMG has been bestowing the Kantipur Icon Award to organisations and individuals whose work all Nepalis can be proud of.