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Radio Kantipur

  • Estd
  • Reach
    75% over Nepal
  • Est. Listenership:
  • Frequencies
    96.1 MHz, 101.8 MHz
  • Website

Kantipur FM, the country’s first private radio station, was established in 1995. Between 1995 and October 1998, Kantipur FM broadcast its programmes during a three-hour slot the station had bought from the national portal of Radio Nepal. Later, when Kantipur FM obtained its own operating license, it began broadcasting over the 96.1 MHz bandwidth. Today, the station, later rebranded as Radio Kantipur, is the most-loved radio station in the country.

Radio Kantipur made a name for itself on the strength of its prompt news service, varieties of entertaining programmes, with a special focus on music, and its knowledgeable, charismatic on-air personalities. Today, the station’s iconic news and infotainment radio programmes are referenced by both newer and seasoned listeners, to help them navigate their ever-changing reality.

Radio Kantipur has pulled out all the stops to win, and retain, the trust of the Nepali listener, by providing everything a cosmopolitan Nepali seeks. Informed by that all-embracing spirit, it runs the gamut of programming formats—from call-in shows and news bulletins to interviews and lengthy narratives. Some of the popular programmes it hosts are ‘The Headliners’, ‘Taste Bud’, ‘No Tension’, ‘Ke Chha Nepal?’, ‘Ghumne Mech’, ‘Fanatic Friday’ and ‘Gajab Chha Ba’, among others.