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Kantipur Media Group

KMG is the largest media group of the nation consisting of english and nepali national dailies, number of magazines and tabloids, two national television stations, a national radio and the first of its kind digital media company.

Kantipur Publications (P) Ltd.

Kantipur Publications, the largest media group in Nepal, operates with the guiding principle that access to information is your right. Since it started in 1993, Kantipur Publications has become the undisputed media leader in Nepal. The company provides broad and diverse news and entertainment products to more than 3.7 million readers collectively.

Kantipur FM (P) Ltd.

With a portfolio of iconic radio jockeys whose voices are easily recognised throughout Nepal, Radio Kantipur caters to different population clusters—from the youths to the elderly. Radio Kantipur makes use of its platform to keep its listeners connected to the modern world, its culture and important events.

Kantipur Television (P) Ltd.

Kantipur TV HD, the most popular TV channels in Nepal, brings Nepal to its audiences. Its programmes provide in-depth analyses about the issues of the day and reflect the people’s voice. Its shows explore the multidimensional impacts of important events, by framing them in formats that range from news bulletins, interviews and features to satires, comedies and social drama. Kantipur TV HD captures the many colours our lives are imbued with.

Kantipur Foundation

Kantipur Media Group created the Kantipur Foundation-a non-profit philanthropic organisation that seeks to not only provide support to the general public during national disasters, but also works towards making a difference in the society as a whole. It is also a part of KMG’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of 2015, Kantipur Foundation played an integral part in helping provide relief to victims and streamline other relief efforts.