Kantipur Conclave 2019

After 25 years of its founding, KMG aimed to recalibrate the public-discourse space by hosting the first iteration of its annual economics-themed event: the Kantipur Conclave.On the heels of the last few decades of gradual political and social transformation, Nepal is finally being run by a stable government. Nepalis are thus ready to emerge from an era of political uncertainty and set out on the path towards prosperity. This time is of paramount importance for all--including Nepali entrepreneurs, academics, policy makers, and thought leaders--who need the right forum to discuss innovative ideas and present suggestions for inclusive and sustainable development.

The Kantipur Conclave will be the ideal platform for engendering interdisciplinary dialogues, sharing encapsulating insights, and presenting critical reflections on contemporary global and local issues. The two-day conclave hosted eminent speakers and participants from across the globe, and facilitate meaningful interactions and the forging of professional partnerships and relationships.


  1. To convene leaders, influencers, and intellectuals from various sectors and organisations and have them expound upon their experiences and learnings
  2. To help participants and the public at large understand the role played by the private sector in economic development, and to help lay the foundation for public-private partnerships
  3. To provide a platform that facilitates professional collaboration and contributes to the positive transformation of individuals/enterprises

Event Overview

Staying true to the conclave’s theme (Unleashing Nepal’s Potential), the event aimed to build upon the participants’ knowledge: through meaningful engagements with notable experts during dedicated sessions and also by encouraging individual-level interactions. With its dynamic content, the conclave provided firsthand insights of innovative practices--brought to the fore via stimulating dialogues between the speakers and participants.

The first day of the conclave commenced with keynote speeches revolving around the themes of emerging economic paradigms, business opportunities, and challenges in Nepal. Followed by a key session that presented the perspectives of Nepali youth and their professional achievements and vision for Nepal.

The conclave’s second day featured numerous panel discussions conducted in either Nepali or English. These discussions covered issues pertaining to development, investments, entrepreneurship, the changing dynamics of doing business, the future of Nepali literature, socio-economic prosperity and migration.

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