Kantipur Half Marathon 2019

Kantipur Publications has been organizing Kantipur Half Marathon to mark its anniversary for 8 years now. The first Kantipur Half Marathon was commenced at the year 7th Falgun, 2067 (19th February, 2011) on the 18th anniversary of Kantipur Publications and it has been a trend since then.However, since the year 2074, the event has been taking place in May with the objective of establishing the event celebrated by the nation.

Participation in Kantipur Half Marathon has been growing steadily since 2068 partly due to the fact that it is a challenging distance, but does not require the same level of training that a marathon does. Furthermore, Kantipur Half Marathon has been open to all Nepalis as well as foreign citizens above 18 years of age. The runners participating in Kantipur Half Marathon are both professionals and beginners and have shown their unique presence of unity with diverse age group, culture and gender.

For more detail, please visit kantipur-marathon.kmg.com.np