Kantipur Icon 2075

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Kantipur Publications, Kantipur Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Kantipur Media Group (KMG) organised Kantipur Icon which was established in 2014. The award honors individuals (living or deceased), institutions or groups that have made a positive contribution to Nepali Society. From the year 2019, the award has been divided into four categories: Arts and Literature, Business and Economy, Science and Technology and Socio-political sector. The awards will honour people, groups or institutions that have made significant contribution in these sector.

Presented at a grand ceremony, the award recognised people that are making a difference and contributing to our country as it moves forward in achieving peace and prosperity. The award winner received a gold medallion worth 5 lakh rupees and feted with an appreciation letter.

The award winners’ contributions were highlighted through different outlets of KMG. The winners were invited to speak to a privileged audience of leading intellectuals, policy makers, senior diplomats, eminent business people and professionals in Nepal and beyond.

The first-ever Kantipur Icon 2071 was awarded to Nepal’s national cricket team for the international acclaim, for demonstrating collective grit and perseverance against material adversity, and for instilling hope among millions of Nepalis.

For more information, please visit www.kantipuricon.com