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About Nari Magazine

The origin of Nari is linked with the publication of a monthly called ‘Sarbottam’. Sarbottam was published in October 2002, with the objective of providing entertaining content from all over the world. Realising that the voice of Nepali women didn’t have a platform in our society, Sarbottam was rebranded as Sarbottam Nari in 2004. Nari has since become the country’s leading monthly dedicated solely to women.

Nari covers a wide range of issues–from beauty, food, health and fashion to women’s rights and empowerment. Nari also addresses issues important to Nepali youths, parenting questions that both men and women want answered, and news and features about current issues and matters important to the larger Nepali diaspora.

Nari particularly encourages women writers to contribute regular columns, urges in-house writers to quote female experts, and gives priority to articles written by female writers. Nari is also available in Darjeeling and Mirik, India.