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About Nepal Magazine

Nepal, a weekly news magazine, was launched in 2000 as a fortnightly. Four years later, it was transformed to a weekly. Its objective is to provide investigative reportage and probing analyses of Nepal's socio-political issues. It is the largest-selling news magazine in the country.

Each edition of Nepal magazine offers incisive columns, in-depth stories on current affairs and trends, and lighter stories on lifestyle and the arts. The magazine features a host of special sections, in which personal stories, issues of pressing importance around the world and local events are portrayed. Nepal is known for its experimental bent and for its innovative approaches to presenting articles. The issues raised by and analysed in Nepal magazine often become topics of national discussion, as was the case with its story on surrogacy and the story about the 'new force' in Nepali politics.

Nepal embodies the ethos of the thinking Nepali who loves probing, engaging pieces on socio-political matters. It is the preferred magazine for connoisseurs of intelligent commentary on all things Nepali.